The Purposes of the GrowAbroad World Alliance (hereafter called 'the Alliance') are:

  • Seek to promote the best possible technical and intercultural training programs within agriculture, horticulture and related sectors.
  • To provide a safe learning experience for young people who travel away from their home country in order to participate in one of our programs.
  • To work in conjunction with government agencies to provide accurate visa information
  • To work with our participants in order to provide to host employers trainees that meet their requirements
  • To work with our host employers to provide training sites that meet trainees' wishes and needs and comply with hosting country's regulations, and assure quality of hosts.
  • To work together to provide support and good quality services to all parties involved.
  • The Organization and its Members, in pursuit of the Purposes, shall act in accordance with the seven Principles and Criteria document in Appendix A. Generally

Principle 1:

Compliance with Laws & Treaties: Exchange programs shall respect all applicable laws of the country in which they occur, and international treaties and agreements to which the country is a signatory.

Principle 2:

Rights and Responsibilities: Program Participants rights and responsibilities shall be clearly defined and documented.

Principle 3:

Screening: Participants shall be screened for participation in the exchange. • Participants shall be screened in the home country by a qualified organization or individual with a good reputation.

Principle 4:

Training Plans: Written placement description and training plan including period of stay and working conditions that comply with the regulations of the hosting country shall be presented in due time before the beginning of the stay.

Principle 5:

Intercultural Exchange. Program participants shall be actively involved in intercultural activities throughout their program abroad.

Principle 6:

Program Support: The organization shall provide the support necessary to assure optimal learning and exchange opportunities for participants.

Principle 7:

Monitoring and Assessment: Monitoring and evaluation shall be conducted to assess the quality of participants training and intercultural experience; the effectiveness of the exchange program; and the impact of the exchange on participants.